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Ecamm Network Newsletter - 3.14

Happy Women's History Month!

Hey there, fam!

Can you believe we're already almost through the first quarter of the year? Time sure flies, but it feels like it's been crawling lately, doesn't it? Maybe it's just us, but January and February seemed to last for ages - we swear they had at least 53 days each!
But you know what's been keeping us busy during these long months? Exploring the exciting world of Ecamm, productivity apps, and new gear releases! And we can't wait to share it all with you. So without further ado, let's dive in...

Inside: Ecamm release

  • Ecamm Live 4.2 release
  • Shure Wireless Mic drop
  • Social media updates
  • iPhone screenshot pro tip
  • A chance to win Ecamm merch

Ecamm Live 4.2

The wait is finally over! Ecamm 4.2 is now available and it is beyond amazing! Check out the links below for a full walkthrough and detailed feature notes.

If Instagram is part of your video marketing strategy, you'll love this update!

Walkthrough video:

video preview​

πŸ‘‰οΈ Release notes and supporting feature videos πŸ‘ˆοΈ

If 4.2 wasn’t exciting enough, here comes Shure with this mic drop - the MoveMic One.

If you have been following us on ENN and BuildingBlocks, you may know that we dislike having a microphone in front of us. However, we also appreciate good audio quality. That's why we are excited to try out MoveMic One, a new microphone that promises to deliver just that.

We also appreciate that the logo on the microphone is not as prominently displayed as it is on other similar competitor models. This is a plus for us because we use the microphones not only in the studio but also on location with clients.

Watch Laura Davidson from Shure demonstrate the MoveMic One and highlight its features in this video.

video preview​

Now, let's slow it down a bit and talk about that Meta meltdown.

We were in for the memes! While some people noticed it, others didn't. However, everyone agrees that we need to have multiple ways to communicate with our viewers, audiences, clients, etc.

At Ecamm, we use ConvertKit for our email marketing and newsletters, and we also have Discord and social media accounts. This way, if something unexpected happens to one platform (like the Meta meltdown), we have other options to connect with our audience.

How about you - What are your favorite channels and apps to communicate with your clients/viewers?

Speaking of useful and productive things, did you know that the iPhone has a super productive screenshot feature? You can convert your screenshots to PDFs! This means that instead of taking multiple screenshots of an article, you can save the entire article as a PDF and even mark it up.

How would you like to win some fun Ecamm Live Merch?

Share your favorite iPhone features with us via email or LinkedIn, and you could win special Ecamm merch delivered to your mailbox!

And last but not least, don't forget to join us every Monday at 7 PM EST on ENN for live updates on Ecamm, valuable production tips, inspiration, and learn about the graphics you can create using the Ecamm Live graphic interface!

video preview​

That is all for this edition of your favorite social newsletter. Until next time fam!

Stay curious, creative and practice, practice!

ana & Fuljens

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