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Ecamm Network Newsletter - 1.18

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We've got something exciting for you in this edition of our newsletter. Remember the content planning calendar we shared last time? We hope you found it helpful because this time, we've got six video trend predictions that will help you reach a wider audience by delivering your content in diverse and trending video formats.

You probably know that videos are taking over the world of marketing. They are everywhere, from owned and earned channels to paid ones. This trend is set to continue, with video expected to remain a key player in the field. We have narrowed these video trends to get you started into six. Here we go!

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AI Tools

In 2024, AI is straight up revolutionizing video marketing by both automating and simplifying production. Last year saw tons of platforms introducing AI features and tools. Video marketers now use tools like AI chatbots and video generators to speed up research, scriptwriting, editing, and captioning, aiming to make video creation more efficient while maintaining a genuine and relatable vibe.

Live Streaming

Speaking of maintaining a genuine and relatable vibe, live streaming is on the rise among video marketers in 2024. According to Demandsage, live streaming accounted for 17% of global internet traffic after viewers streamed over 7.5 billion hours in Q3 of 2023. Amazon, Apple, Meta, Google, Vimeo, and TikTok are all prioritizing live streaming. Marketers prefer live streaming as it is believed to be more genuine and keeps viewers engaged longer than pre-recorded videos, also leading to more viewer interaction – an important factor for marketers in 2024.

Vertical Video

Websites are now designed with mobile users in mind, and this includes the creation of video content. Take YouTube, for example. It receives billions of visits on its site from mobile devices. Therefore, YouTube is adapting to this trend by introducing vertical video formats. Smartphone usage is expected to reach nearly 7 billion subscriptions by 2024, according to Statista. This increase continues to change web and video content, and pivot towards more mobile-friendly vertical video formats. Major platforms like YouTube are driving this trend, indicating that video marketers are focusing more on vertical 9:16 formats in 2024.


Short-form videos have taken over platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, and it's no surprise why! These videos, typically under three minutes long, quickly grab users' attention and keep them engaged. And the best part? Marketers have discovered that short-form video has incredible return on investment and plan to keep utilizing it in 2024 to boost engagement and lead generation metrics. Creating short-form content is the way to go - it's easy and effective!

Silent Videos

Did you know that more than 90% of video viewers prefer watching videos without sound? This emphasizes the importance of including captions in conveying messages and ensuring accessibility for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. Additionally, it helps to boost video completion rates. It's no wonder that captions and graphics are expected to become a significant trend in videos beyond 2024. To generate captions, we use CapCut, while for in-video graphics, we live-edit using Ecamm Live. Here are some fun statistics for you: According to verbit, over 90% of viewers often watch videos on mute, highlighting the importance of captions. Captions aid in message retention, increase how often videos are watched to the end, and improve SEO by providing searchable text. Captions also make content accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing. As a result, in 2024, video marketers are focusing more on optimizing videos to perform well without sound.

DIY Productions

Video production was once a costly and lengthy process involving production companies and advanced equipment. While the option to spend more remains readily available, video production has become much simpler and faster in 2024. Marketers are using smartphones for filming, favoring real, unscripted content over large-scale productions. This also includes simple lighting instead of complex studio setups. Many are handling video production internally, using tools like Ecamm Live to edit in real-time and minimize post-production, or using smartphone apps like CapCut for convenient editing and immediate sharing.

Check out the full report here.

Which video formats do you think we'll be using more in 2024?

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Until we meet again, stay safe, plan, record, have fun and post!

We'll be back LIVE with another edition of Ecamm Network News and Entertainment next Monday at 7PM EST! See you then!

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