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The Big League: LinkedIn's New Era with a Billion Users & AI-Powered Job Matching

LinkedIn just hit the big league with a whopping 1 billion members and is leveling up the job search game with slick AI tools for its premium users. Think of it as your career's new best friend, guiding you to job matches and polishing your profile to stand out. Plus, with smart summaries, LinkedIn keeps you in the know, tailored to your profession. Here’s to making power moves!

Grok Emerges: Musk's xAI Crafts a Chatbot with a Cheeky Edge

Elon Musk's xAI introduces Grok, a bold and quick-witted AI chatbot with a flair for humor, outperforming GPT-3.5 yet still catching up to GPT-4. Engineered for X Premium+ subscribers, Grok offers real-time topical discussions, multitasking chat capabilities, and future expansions into API, image, and audio recognition. Expect this premium AI to be snappy, savvy, and a bit sassy, with plans to integrate natively into Teslas for on-the-go intelligence.

TikTok Ends Billion-Dollar Fund, Paves New Path for Creator Earnings

TikTok's waving goodbye to its OG $1 billion creator fund this December, nudging creators in the US, UK, Germany, and France to jump ship to the fresher, potentially more generous Creativity Program. Sayonara, meager payouts, hello to earning based on the actual buzz your videos create. Looks like TikTok's betting big on creators who can keep eyes glued for more than just a hot sec.

Threads Buzzes with New Life: Meta Infuses Polls, GIFs, and Fresh Features

Meta's Threads app adds fresh flair with new poll and GIF features, mirroring classic Twitter functions, as demonstrated by Zuckerberg. Alongside, Instagram's Adam Mosseri teases view counts and the innovative option to pin replies, not just posts. Despite echoes of Twitter, Threads shows it's very much alive and kicking, already captivating nearly 100 million users each month.

OpenAI Launches GPT Store: A New Era for User-Created AI

OpenAI has introduced GPTs, empowering users to create and share their own AI models, with plans to monetize the most successful ones through a new GPT Store. This approach, reminiscent of Apple's App Store, opens up possibilities for user-generated AI applications, potentially challenging established tech giants and their marketplaces.


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And with that final sip, our coffee break update comes to a close. Thanks for sharing this pause in your day with ENN. Remember, each moment is a fresh chance for innovation and joy. So, refill your Quiz Ninja mug, and we’ll bring more buzz-worthy news next time.

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