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Ecamm Network Newsletter - 12.7

Hello Fam!

Were you wondering where we've been? Because we've definitely been thinking about you! Just dropped: your latest edition of the ENN newsletter, ready to add a bit of tech magic to your routine. Let's reconnect over the latest digital happenings and discoveries. So, grab your favorite spot and let's get started!

IG's New Upgrade: Share Posts & Reels with Close Friends Only

Instagram's Close Friends feature just got a fab upgrade. Now, you can share not just stories, but also main feed posts and reels with your inner circle. When you post, a neat green star will show it's for those VIP eyes only, keeping your feed more personal and authentic. And for creators, this means a cool new way to make your exclusive content pay. It's all about sharing with those who truly matter, in a space that's just a bit more 'you'.

Longer Clips, Larger Profits: TikTok's Monetization Makeover

Remember Vine? TikTok's trying to dodge that same monetization misstep. The game plan? Steering TikTokers towards longer vids, eyeing those YouTube-style ad bucks. 🎥💰 It's all about transforming from quick clips to full-on entertainment. Will this be the ticket to keeping its top talent?

Reel It In: Instagram Rolls Out Download Option for Public Videos

You can now snag your fave public Reels and save them directly to your camera roll, all thanks to Instagram's shiny new feature in the US! 📸✨ Adam Mosseri spilled the beans, and we're here for it. Though keep an eye out for some quirky tunes and creator opt-outs. It's like TikTok vibes, but with an Insta twist, making sharing your top picks across platforms a breeze.

Cross-App Chats Between Facebook and Instagram Get the Axe

Meta's nixing the chat link-up between Facebook and Instagram this month. Yep, you heard it right! Just as we were getting cozy with the whole unified inbox vibe, Meta's hitting reverse. Word on the street is it’s all about new EU chat rules. Stay tuned to see how this tech plot twist unfolds! 🤯💬


December is here that means it's time for Ecamm Vlogmas! We're doing things a little differently this year, so if you want to play along, be sure to join us over on Discord (we promise, it's easier than you think!)

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And there we go, our ENN quick catch-up session is signing off! It's been a blast sharing this slice of the day with you. Remember, every moment is a door to new ideas and happiness. Stay tuned for more updates coming your way, and be sure to join us LIVE on Mondays at 7PM EST for ENN with yours truly!

See you on the 18th!

ana & Fuljens

P.S.: We're all ears for your thoughts—throw us your cheers or jeers. We're tuning in to every note! 🎧💬

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