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Ecamm Network Newsletter - 2.28

Happy Black History Month, fam!

Welcome back fam! As we continue to commemorate the 98th anniversary of Black History Month, themed “African Americans and the Arts,” let's shine a light on an influential figure in the word of broadcasting - Alice Travis.

Alice Travis, a trailblazing reporter who broke ground in 1977, became the first Black woman to host her own national talk show created for a Black female audience, "For You...Black Woman." This marked a significant milestone, not only in television history but also in the representation of African American women in media. Here's to Alice! 🥳

Now let's dive in to what is going on in the world of social.


  • Social media updates
  • Internet connection tips
  • Ecamm Live updates
  • A chance to win Ecamm merch


Instagram is rolling out a new ‘Backdrop’ AI sticker which allows you to generate multiple alternate background images of any photo.

1. From Instagram, create a new Story and select an image from your gallery.

2. Under the Stickers menu, select “Backdrop.”

3. You can tap to edit what goes on a new backdrop; those elements will have a glowing white outline. Select “Next.”

4. Describe the backdrop you want and presto! We had tons of fun playing with IG’s Backdrop feature on ENN.

video preview

Gemini (formerly known as Bard):

Interested in watching a video but rather have it summarized? Let Gemini summarize the video for you:

1. Go to the Google Gemini website and log in

2. Go to YouTube and copy the link to the video you want to summarize

3. Go back to Bard, paste the link in the text box, and ask it to summarize the video for you. Here is the prompt we gave Gemini: “Please summarize this YouTube video.”

4. As always, make sure to double-check the accuracy of its responses. Here’s how Gemini did with ana’s Tech Check video.

Speaking of tech checks, check out this essential tip for maintaining a flawless connection during your live video recordings.

Internet Connection Tip:

Aiming for a smoother live stream connection? Switch to an Ethernet connection!

Having a stable internet connection is essential to create high-quality live video recordings. Even with the most advanced streaming equipment, a weak or unstable connection can significantly affect the quality of your live video. Here is our advice to you based on our experience and other Ecamm Fam members!

If your device lacks an Ethernet port, consider investing in a USB-C hub that includes an Ethernet port. You can find them on Amazon.

Also, tools like Google's Speed Test and Speedtest by Ookla can help you confirm the stability of your internet connection before you go live, whether you're connected via hard-wired Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

💡 Keep in mind: It’s completely normal to get different results from different speed test sites.

And speaking about stand-out and smooth recordings, have you heard of LinkedIn's latest feature?

Can your LinkedIn post live on for years?

Thanks to a new LinkedIn update, it's now possible. Introducing the "suggested post" system, a feature that promises to keep your standout posts in the spotlight for not just weeks, but for years to come.

This is just one of the latest changes LinkedIn is making. They want to focus on sharing real knowledge and helpful tips instead of what's viral. Back in June 2023, LinkedIn started to change its system to highlight posts that share true expertise and encourage good conversations.

And last, but certainly not least, here is what's happening in the world of Ecamm Live!

Ecamm version 4.2 is coming!

video preview

Ecamm version 4.2 allows you to enjoy full support for viewing live comments from Instagram Live and adding them to your broadcast! What else does this new version have to offer? Ecamm co-founders, Ken and Glen will cover all of the features LIVE this Monday!

How would you like to win some fun Ecamm Live Merch?

The first 2 readers to reply with feedback about our newsletter will receive a special Merch surprise!

That is all for this edition of your favorite social newsletter. Until next time fam!

Stay curious, creative and practice, practice!

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