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Hi fam!

We've got a tech-packed edition for you! In this edition:

⭐️ Discover Arc Search, the AI-powered search engine

⭐️ Explore holographic education with Proto

⭐️ Meet Toyota's household robots

⭐️ Get Instagram Live comment display support in Ecamm Live Beta

Here we go!

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Arc Search

“A browser that doesn’t just meet your needs — it anticipates them.”

And they are so not lying! We are in love with this browser and the interface! We particularly love the animation on the logo and the calmness it emminates we it launches.

After Perplexity made a splash recently with its AI-powered search engine, The Browser Company has introduced Arc Search, an AI-powered search engine and browser combo that offers a more efficient online search experience.

Unlike traditional search engines, Arc Search generates a customized webpage with intuitive answers instead of just listing links.

CEO Josh Miller claims it's twice as fast as Safari and Chrome. So far, we think he is right!

Stepping into the Future with Proto's Holographic Education

Star Wars technology is here friends!

Loughborough University pioneers holographic tech for MIT guest lectures, using Proto's hologram device to project educators into classrooms.

Proto, the world's first holographic communications platform, offers real-time, life-sized holograms that can be generated from smartphones. This technology benefits education by being sustainable and showcasing complex equipment. Loughborough University will include it in their curriculum by 2025. Proto also partners with big companies like IBM and H&M. They're even exploring using AI to bring back deceased celebrities as interactive holograms.

Exciting times for education! Will holographic lecturers become a norm?

Robo-Helpers in Your Home?

Toyota is pioneering robots for housework at its Cambridge lab, using a machine-learning system called diffusion policy to handle tasks like sweeping.

Unlike factory robots, Toyota's goal is for these robots to learn from videos, enabling real-time decision-making in your home.

Toyota aims to help seniors age safely in their homes, with tasks like peeling vegetables, using mixers, preparing snacks, and flipping pancakes. If successful, these robots could assist the growing elderly population in the United States, projected to reach 82 million by 2050, aligning with the trend of robots in eldercare, such as the ElliQ companion and nursing home assistants.

If you were to get one of these robots, what would be the first task you would delegate?

Ecamm Live Beta: Instagram Live Comments Have Arrived!

You've heard correctly! The latest version of Ecamm Live Beta adds support for displaying Instagram Live comments for Instagram accounts linked to Facebook Business Pages!

Get the beta and try it out for yourself! And don't worry, this won't impact your regular version of Ecamm.

Also, to get you all set with perfect IG Live camera framing, we have a FREE Vertical Grid that you can grab here.

That is all for this edition of your favorite newsletter!

Until we meet again, stay safe, plan, record, have fun and post!

We'll be back LIVE with another edition of Ecamm Network News and Entertainment next Monday at 7PM EST! See you then!

ana & Fuljens

P.S.: We're all ears for your thoughts—throw us your cheers or jeers. We're tuning in to every note! 🎧💬

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